208B Damaged Heat Shield Replacement

  • Cessna Caravan (208B) heat shield delaminating & lifting from the cargo pod.


  • Old adhesive present after the removal of the damaged heat shield. This all needs to be removed from the cargo pod surface.


  • Damaged heat shield and all adhesive removed from the previously installed heat shield and cargo pod area is prepped and ready for the new heat shield to be installed.


  • Vacuum pump used for sucking out any air trapped between the cargo pod, the new adhesive and the new heat shield.


  • New heat shield installed with new hardware and new adhesive and vacuum bag installed and left for 24 hours to suck out all air voids between the cargo pod and the new heat shield.


  • New heat shield installed and ready for paint.


  • Heat Shield Replacement Finished Product

Heat Shield Final

Dec 16, 2013 | Posted by in Aircraft Service Portfolio | Comments Off on 208B Damaged Heat Shield Replacement
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