N1254D Revived by Propel for Endeavour Flight Training, Inc.

Endeavour Flight Training, Inc. is a Cessna Pilot Center in operation since 2004, with the idea and purpose to provide the best airplanes available for our renters, students and pilots from all over the world. In 2006 we took delivery of a brand new Cessna 172S-G1000, N1254D, at the Independence, Kansas factory.

Almost seven years later, N1254D had completed 4000 hours of flight training and graduated over 100 students. We sent our aircraft to Propel Aviation, an authorized Cessna Service endeavor 1Station, for an annual inspection, engine overhaul and prop overhaul.

Once again we received exceptional service by our longtime friend, Jimmy Lockhart, who has always provided efficient customer and technical service to our company. N1254D was submitted to an intensive annual inspection in which they found more than 96 discrepancies, caused by wear and tear during six years of flight training. From every hose, to sheet metal work, to new parts, to engine and prop overhaul, to numerous inspections, to replacing flight control cables and adjusting flight controls, to new electronic components, to finally finishing with state of the art new paint and Cessna graphics, N1254D is a new airplane again from the inside out.

The repair of N1254D represents the most comprehensive, accurate and technical annual inspection and overhaul we have ever done to a Cessna 172 as a result of a complete understanding between a Cessna Service Center and a Cessna Pilot Center.

We are two companies working together with the same philosophy, to provide the best customer service to our clients with the best maintenance and highest safety-rated training airplanes. Propel is an outstanding FAA certified repair station with the highest and most honest standards that Endeavour Flight Training, Inc. has encountered to date. We are privileged to recommend Propel Aviation to anybody looking for nothing but the best.

Freddy Antolinez
Endeavour Flight Training Inc
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