Propel Aviation Outfits Cessna T206H for Mt. Elgon Orchards – Kenya

This beautiful Cessna T206H is on its way to Kenya for Mt. Elgon Orchards!

To perfectly suit its new mission as a bush plane, Propel installed an Aerocet Cargo Pod and Flint Aero Tip Tanks.  The new pod has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. with a 16 cu. ft. volume to make the T206H an even more versatile workhorse.

The Flint Tip Tanks add 15 gallons of fuel per side, and increase the overall span of the wings by 3 feet. The longer wingspan allows the aircraft to have better climb performance and a lower stall speed. The addition of the tip tank STC, also allows the total gross weight of the aircraft to increase by 200 pounds.

Propel is proud of preparing this aircraft for delivery to a great Kenyan company. Mt. Elgon Orchards is one of the premier flower producers in Kenya. With over 1,300 workers, Mt. Elgon Orchards grows 80 million roses annually.

Every day they ship 50,000 roses to Europe and Russia! For more than a decade, Mt. Elgon Orchards has been giving a substantial portion of their profits back to the community through the Mount Elgon Trust by constructing vocational schools and one of the largest HIV testing and treatment facilities in Kenya.

If your aircraft is in need of modification or maintenance, or if you are looking to purchase or sell an aircraft, please contact Propel Aviation at +1-305-255-5077.  We look forward to working with you.

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