Propel Completes its 60th and 61st Cessna 172 Skyhawk Diesel Retrofits!

Propel Aviation Sales & Services, LLC has retrofitted more Cessna 172 Skyhawks with the CONTINENTAL CD-155 ENGINE (formerly branded as CENTURION 2.0S) than any other facility in the world.  We recently completed our 64th and 65th retrofits, which will be delivered to Abyssinian Flight Services (“AFS”) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  These aircraft will join AFS’ expanding fleet of diesel powered Skyhawks.  We have also performed retrofits on C172 Skyhawks that have been delivered to Ethiopian Air Lines, the Angolan Air Force Training Academy, the Egyptian Aviation Academy and the Iraq Air Force under contract of the USAF, Aero Andes, and several other flight schools and individual owners around the world.

The CONTINENTAL CD-155 ENGINE delivers exceptional performance while consuming less fuel than the standard OEM engine.  The engine is certified for Jet A-1 fuel, which makes a retrofitted C172 Skyhawk a great option in areas where  AVGAS is either not available or is very expensive.

We currently have a Millennium Edition 2000 Cessna 172S Skyhawk available for immediate delivery and have 3 other Skyhawks that are in the process of being retrofitted.

Please contact General Manager, Jimmy Lockhart, at if you would like to learn more about Propel’s Cessna 172 Diesel Engine Retrofit Program.  Your questions are always welcome and we would be happy to schedule a demonstration flight for you!

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