Propel Exports Aircraft All Over The World

Propel has been preparing aircraft for export all over the world since our company was formed. We routinely perform annual inspections on used aircraft to be sent overseas and frequently modify aircraft with STC’s or specific foreign country requirements prior to preparing them for export. As an FAA and EASA Certified Repair Station and a Bahamian approved Repair Station, Propel can meet the demands of any foreign certification authority when it prepares your aircraft for export. Most recently we prepared a 2012 Cessna Caravan for Export to Japan.

This was a very exciting modification project that involved the removal of the cargo pod and reconfiguring the aircraft to a non-cargo pod configuration. The aircraft also required all of the standard English placards on the aircraft be replaced by Japanese placards, and the Pilot’s Operating Handbook to be printed in Japanese to meet the foreign certification requirements. This aircraft export was a success and the aircraft has since arrived in Japan and has been put into operation. In addition, Propel has an excellent track record with disassembling and containerizing smaller aircraft for sea freight shipments when ferrying the aircraft is not a practical solution. Regardless of what your requirements are to get your aircraft exported, Propel can fill them. Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance or consulting.

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