Seeker Aircraft


FAA Certified

The Seeker is a versatile, purpose built, light observation aircraft specifically designed and developed for surveillance missions. The Seeker is the most cost-effective surveillance aircraft on the market today. It provides unmatched surveillance specific qualities including flexibility, maneuverability, and visibility when compared to both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Seeker Aircraft, Inc. manufactures, distributes, and supports its aircraft worldwide, offering a turnkey solution for any light observation need across the globe.

The Seeker, an FAA Part 23 Certified aircraft, features a side-by-side configured cockpit with helicopter-like visibility along with under fuselage mounting capability and wing hard points. In addition, the Seeker’s high mounted pusher propeller and conventional tail wheel landing configuration make it a superior aircraft to operate where short take offs and landings are required at austere locations.

Special Missions Packages

The Seeker is adaptable, customizable, and was designed for simple system integration. An aperture located directly under the nose permits EO/IR or other sensor mounting equipment. Sensors are mounted in the ideal location (forward of the wing, prop and landing gear) for extreme sensor visibility and protection in the operating environment. Hard points under the wing and fuselage provide additional flexibility and equipment options. A 24 volt, 70 amp electrical system is standard on the Seeker. The Seeker can be adapted to perform many different mission requirements.

Purpose Built

The Seeker is made for one purpose – Surveillance. The Seeker was specifically designed to have more structural components aft of the cockpit to ensure the crew has unrestricted visibility. Seeker’s high lift wing, engine and exhaust system are all located aft of the of the cockpit, making the Seeker the premier surveillance aircraft.

The pusher propeller, and tailwheel configuration make it possible to mount sensors on the nose of the airplane. Those design elements ensure that in addition to the crew having unrestricted visibility, the sensors do too. The sensors retain unparalleled field of view with no obstructions, and the configuration also eliminates the potential for damage by foreign objects and debris. Additionally, with the pusher propeller and tail wheel configuration, operations from unimproved airfield surfaces are possible with peace of mind that the sensitive equipment is preserved.

To add to the mission flexibility of the product from remote locations, the Seeker was made to perform as a Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) aircraft, with mission friendly side by side seating for enhanced crew coordination during observation and surveillance tasks. These features and many more make the Seeker purpose built to exceptionally perform your mission at less cost.


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