September 2014 Newsletter

Document Title Compliance Date
SB525C-24-07R2 External Drain Heater Wiring Modification Mandatory 01/08/14
SL560-55-03R1 Stabilizers – Horizontal Stabilizer Rib Borescope Inspection Mandatory 08/07/14
SL680-49-04R1 Auxiliary Power – APU Fuel Line Inspection Mandatory 08/07/14
SB525B-57-02 Wings – Anti-Ice Exhaust Outlet Improvement Recommended 07/03/14
SB680-27-12R1 Flight Controls – Rudder Bias Actuator Improvement Recommended 08/01/14
SL750-78-11 Transmittal of Rolls-Royce Service Bulletin AE3007C-78-006 R (750, 750+) Recommended 08/14/14
SB750-76-09R1 Full Auth Digital Eng Control, Software Update – Rev to Owner Advisory Recommended 08/22/14
SB560XL-21-22R1 Conditioning – Cabin Temperature Sensor Relocation Discretionary   08/15/14
SB750-38-08R1 Water/Waste – Toilet Override Relay Installation Optional 07/25/14
CIB-34-03 Navigation-Temperature Compensation for LNAV/VNAV (Model: 525, 525A, 525B, 525C) Optional 08/06/14


Document Title Compliance Date
CAL-12-02 Transmittal of Pratt & Whitney Canada Serv. Bulletin P&WC S.B. No. 1001R29 (Model 208) Informational 08/04/14
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